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Robin's Nest

Weight Loss Your Way

I recently spoke to a group on the subject of “Weight Loss Your Way.” We talked about MINDFUL eating, INTENTIONAL thinking and the WISDOM of the body.

The other day I was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in a long time. The colors were absolutely exquisite. I went outside, sat on my front porch and was in total awe—I was so grateful for the moment and the opportunity to witness such beauty.

When the last wisp of color faded away, I came inside to work on a new class that will be coming up. As I started to put this together, I was reminded of how many sunrises and sunsets… so much of my life that I missed when “totally absorbed” with the subject of weight loss for over 30 years. I remember the day I just looked in the mirror and said, “Enough is enough; I have a life to live!”

It is the vision for your life that will propel you to the healthy body weight you desire, not the body weight that will give you a life. Decide how you want to feel, and feel it now. Just for a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself, “How will I feel at my ideal weight”? “What will be different”?

Concentrating on the FEELING will draw the action to you. Chose (yes, chose) to play NOW, love NOW, dance NOW, smile NOW, because LIFE IS NOW—not 10 or 100 pounds from now, but NOW!

Trust the process, be kind to yourself and watch the sunrise, guys.

If you would like information on creating your ideal body weight, send an email or give me a call.