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Robin's Nest

Valentine’s Day

While “traditionally” for couples, Valentine’s Day is really a day to show the ones you love how much you care. This Valentine s day, why not take the time to appreciate someone who rarely gets your attention? Someone who truly deserves a gift or a few kind words. Someone like YOU.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to give yourself a gift of thanks and appreciation. Why not start thinking of Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate the wonder of you? Give to yourself in the same way that you would give to a partner or a special friend?

How can you celebrate you? Maybe with a relaxing massage or a new haircut you have been thinking about. What about a journal to record all the things you are grateful for? Take some time with that new book you have wanted to read, or buy some flowers today and enjoy their soft fragrance and beauty. And to be your own Valentine, don’t forget to send yourself a card. Write a thoughtful and loving note to yourself, in appreciation and acknowledgement of the “gift that you are”.

Make this day a time to pay special attention to your own needs and desires and to notice how truly wonderful you are.