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Robin's Nest

Today, I Am Thankful

Apple Tree Blooming

When the news is mostly negative and fearful, as most of it has been since the outbreak of the coronavirus, it can be challenging for even the most optimistic among us to stay positive at times. Though we all need to take this virus seriously, and there are things we need to know and implement to protect ourselves and those around us, it is just as important to our health, to be proactive about taking care of ourselves and creating moments of gratitude every day.

I’d like to offer just a few simple things to help you feel empowered and centered.

Start by being conscious of the little things. Even though your personal “freedom” may be limited at this time, it’s the small things that can bring us the most joy. The smell of coffee first thing in the morning the laughter of a child, the feel of a warm shower on our back or the sun shining on your face. When we allow ourselves to stop, notice and take in these moments, we remember there is so much good and so much that has NOT changed.

Many clients have shared with me a new sense of connection with their families at this time. Excessive activities and constant “running and driving” has stopped. Everyone is sitting down for meals together. There is a lot more conversation and communication now as the need to be constantly rushed has stopped to exist for the moment. There are many gifts here.

Take the time to LOOK for the good in others. There has been story after story of people going out of their way to help people. Social media is full of positive messages and people are reaching out to each other. Cards are being sent to hospitals and nursing homes, neighbors offering to shop and deliver groceries to elderly or physically compromised people in their neighborhoods, groups coming together to make face masks for offices, shelter animals are being fostered at higher rates, community groups are cooking and delivering meals to families in need. LOOK for the good, and if possible, find a way to contribute in even the smallest way. Leaving some bottles water or a kind note for delivery drivers who are dropping things at your door, can go a long way to help them feel appreciated at this time. Serving others is the best way to feel better and give a sense that there IS something we can do to make this time just a bit better.

Before I sat down to write this, I took a walk in my back yard, the birds were singing some happy tunes, as the sun was shining brightly on the spring flowers that have started to emerge from the earth. The grass is growing and I smiled knowing I will be mowing in just a few short weeks. Spring is definitely in the air. The time when new growth makes its way through the long winter months. As I started walking back to the house there was a calm sense in the knowing that, each day does go on.

We are all in this together, and we will get through this all together, one day at a time.

Robin Harakal Janis
Life Wellness Empowerment Coach