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Ask Sunny

Tips to Combat Holiday Overindulgence

Dear Sunny,

Seems I always overindulge during the holidays. Any tips to combat the excesses of food and drink on my digestive system?

— Mary Lou from Mt. Lebanon

Dear Mary Lou,

Well, you are not alone! All of the holiday parties and get-togethers with the non-stop goodies can wreak havoc on even the hardiest of constitutions. Here are some gentle and effective remedies to help you cope so that you can enjoy yourself.

Keep your digestive tract in tiptop shape with a good probiotic. This will help keep the bad bugs from taking control when too much sugar, alcohol or just too much of everything threatens to cause an imbalance. Try Enzymatic Therapy’s Pearls; get started before the holidays and continue to use them on a regular basis.

Digestive enzymes taken with your meals and snacks should prevent indigestion and that bloated, uncomfortable feeling when your waistband appears to have shrunk sometime during dinner! Essential Enzymes by Source Naturals is one of the best.

Bitters are traditionally used in Europe for a digestion boost. A combination of herbs intended to support all digestive processes, Bitters strengthen the system, release bile for assisting in fat digestion and activate the liver to help remove any toxic buildup. Flora’s formula is alcohol-free and is usually used before meals.

Already overdid it and now have indigestion? Try some ginger tea to settle your stomach. Also, Newton Homeopathics makes a good Indigestion-Gas formula which should address the symptoms of stomach pain, heartburn and acid build-up.

If you felt the need to drain the punch bowl of eggnog, or had one too many New Year’s Eve toasts, try some Nux Vomica to cure that hang-over feeling. You should be able to get back on your feet using it, but I don’t promise you’ll be willing to repeat your experience anytime soon!

Why not decide now to do a cleanse after January 1st? This way you’ll have a positive goal to better your health already in mind. Renew Life makes many good cleansing products to suit your needs.

Have a Merry one, Mary Lou, and if you follow my advice, “Yule” be feeling your best!

— Beaming with Health,