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Ask Sunny

Tips for Pregnancy and Delivery

Dear Sunny,

Can you give me a few tips that can help my pregnancy and delivery go as smoothly as possible?

— Pregnant in Presto

Dear Pregnant,

First make sure you are taking a good pre-natal vitamin. You don’t want to be low in iron, folic acid and a myriad of other nutrients a prenatal contains. There are many to choose from at Sunny Bridge without any additives, fillers and synthetic dyes. Check with your doctor to make sure the one you select is right for you.

Red raspberry is a renowned pregnancy herb. Taken as a tea, women use it throughout pregnancy to help relieve nausea and tone the uterus in preparation for childbirth. It also helps relieve pain and will increase milk production.

Taking Rescue Remedy, one of the Bach Flower Essences, as you approach and enter labor is a safe and highly recommended supplement that can make the process less stressful and help you to recover faster. There may be single Bach remedies which would address any number of situations you might face during and after pregnancy, so it may help to read the literature in the Flower Essences section of the store to determine which would be the best for your particular needs.

Constipation is often an issue for pregnant women. My advice is to use the safest and most time-tested approach—prunes or prune juice. Maybe something great-grandma would use (and maybe still does!) but you really can’t go wrong eating a few prunes everyday for regularity.

Arnica is a wonderful homeopathic remedy during labor. It can treat the trauma that both the mother and infant experience and help to ease backache pain. Once labor has begun, it can be taken every one to four hours and is usually taken for a day after delivery.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Motherhood. Blessings and happiness to you and your family.

— Beaming with Health,