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Cross the Bridge to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Robin's Nest

The Gift of You

warming feet infront of fireplace

The celebrations are over, gifts are unwrapped, and the house is all cleaned up and organized… Ummm, maybe not!

I would like to suggest you look for one more gift. The most important gift. Wondering where it is? Go to the mirror and take a look, at YOU. A healthy vibrant, wellness minded gift of You, is the best thing you will ever give to those you love.

Let’s think about the value of our wellness. It is something that we can not put a monetary value on. We ensure a lot of material things like our home, car or jewelry and other things, though what does that mean in the terms of health and wellness?

Think about an Heirloom, something passed down through generations. Its personal value is irreplaceable, and we protect it and take good care of it. Well, if our health is priceless, shouldn’t we be protecting and treating it
with the same kind of utmost care? Yet how many of us do this on a daily basis? Many of us do not take the time to invest in ourselves, by consistently choosing things that affirm nurturing, love, respect and protection for your most valuable heirloom, Ourselves. Giving to ourselves things that affirm health and wellness is the most important thing we will ever do.

Be the heirloom filled with love for yourself, respect for your body and a passion for life. Pass this on to your family with the hopes of teaching them to do the same. What greater gift could there be, than a healthy vibrant you in this New Year!

Today, (yes, today) make a decision to… “Cross the bridge to a healthier lifestyle.”

Robin Harakal Janis
Life Wellness Empowerment Coach