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Robin's Nest

The Gift of Presence

As we enter into December, the Holiday Season is all around us!

Along with all the planning, shopping, cooking and baking, comes the gift of reflecting back on seasons past. With this reflection I encourage you to ask yourself, if the joy of the holidays is first on your mind, or is the exhaustion that it can bring loom overhead!!

Though I hope it’s the joy… I know the feeling that overwhelm and exhaustion can bring, and this feeling can steal the joy pretty quickly! I also know for me personally, that the source of most of my overwhelm and exhaustion, came from being so caught up in the “doing of the holidays” that I forgot the “true meaning” of the holidays, is love.

The love we give to our friends and family, and opportunities all around us to give some love to others who may need a bit of support and lifting up, during the holiday season.

The one place I realized I was failing to give, was to myself!! To make sure my “pitcher” was full, so I could be in full service to those around me. To take some time and check-in with myself. To ask myself did I really “need” to do all the stuff I put on my list?

So, If you start to feel the stressors of the season come upon you, simply stop for a moment and take a breath, drink some water, or make a cup of tea. Then ask yourself what is the one, most important thing that “really” needs to be done right now? The power of doing one thing, can truly help keep you calm, focused and perhaps allow some space to ask “yourself” if you really need to do all the stuff you put on your list this year.

The REASON FOR THE SEASON is love. Doing less, truly allows us to Be more.

To be more loving, to be more patient, to be more understanding, and most important,

To simply BE PRESENT, which of course is the most important gift of all.

~Robin Harakal Janis
Certified Life Coach