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The Endocrine System Does What???

By Dr. Edmund Sulkowski, D.M.D.

The endocrine system produces hormones that ultimately send messages to all cells and organs in our body. These hormones regulate everything from our metabolism, how we develop and grow, how our tissues function, how well we sleep, our sexual function and reproduction and even our moods. This system provides the messenger triggers enabling us to function in life.

The endocrine system is often referred to as five key glands: hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and adrenal glands but the system is comprised of many more. These include the pineal gland, thymus, pancreas, ovaries and testes. These glands all work synergistically within feedback loops of hormones that are made from cholesterol and released directly into the circulatory system. These regulatory messenger hormones enter the circulatory system and travel to distant cells and organs delivering their influence.

All works well in the body as long as these loop hormones are being produced and are balanced. Issues, diseases and disorders occur when something precipitates an imbalance or disruption of the production of these hormones. Some of the most common endocrine disorders are hypothyroidism, adrenomyeloneuropathy and Type 1 diabetes. What may cause this? Causes often include poor nutrition, lack of exercise, toxins in food, water and the environment, lack of vitamins and minerals, injury and digestive tract disorders to name a few.

Proper diagnosis is key for resolve of any endocrine system issues. The proper blood lab work, a physical exam and a review of all signs and symptoms are key aspects moving towards a resolve permitting the hormones to send the proper signal message enabling health and

“The road to wellness should never be a game of chance as long as all the ducks are in a row”.