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Ask Sunny

Supplements for the Kids

Dear Sunny,

It’s back to school time and I was hoping you could give a suggestion for supplements for the kids. Maybe something to help them do better in class? Are there such things?

— Betty in Bethel

Dear Betty,

There are many nice products to help your children cope with the new school year. Remember YOU may need to use these too as the rush and stress of school opening can be hard on parents as well!

For the developing mind, Nordic Naturals makes several good fish oil supplements. Omega 3-6-9 Junior provides a full spectrum of omega fatty acids necessary for learning, positive mood and memory. Flax oil can also be used for enhancing mental performance in children. This oil can be added to a shake or used in a salad dressing or mixed in yogurt.

One combination product for the child who has difficulty sitting still and paying attention is Attentive Child. It contains DMAE which is a substance in the brain shown to help enhance mental concentration. This will support your child’s ability to focus. Many children just need a bit of help. They are behaving like children will and are not in need of being drugged.

For the stress and anxiety that often accompanies school, look for a product containing the herb Melissa, also known as lemon balm. This well-known and often used herb is said to comfort the heart and drive away sadness by soothing the nervous system. It can also be mixed with chamomile for a relaxing tea. It is contained in Calm Child, a liquid syrup which is very easy to use and palatable to children. (Sunny has taken a few droppers full of Calm Child in times of need!)

Maybe a child lacks confidence and that is hindering her performance in school. The Bach Flower remedy Larch may be useful to help with this negative state. It should help her true potential to come forward and express itself.

Of course you’ll want to select a good multivitamin and mineral supplement for overall good health. Feeling healthy and being well goes a long way to assist in a positive and successful school experience.

When doing homework, it’s been found that allowing children to chew gum (not the sugary brands but a nice Xylitol flavored kind) makes the child able to pay attention and zone into the task at hand. Nothing scientific here of course. But maybe worth a try.

Please come in and show off those straight A report cards!

Beaming with Health,