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Ask Sunny

Suffering from Summer Allergies

Dear Sunny,

Nice weather is here and I love to go outside for cookouts and picnics, but I suffer from allergies all summer long and can’t enjoy it! Help! What can I do to stop the runny nose, watering eyes and congestion?

— Sneezy in Strabane

Dear Sneezy,

The mild winter in our area has resulted in high levels of pollen and that’s what’s making you Grumpy! And some of those allergy medications can make you Dopey or Sleepy! So try some natural remedies.

First use a Neti pot to flush out the pollen and irritants. This is an Ayurevedic (from India) method that has gained popularity in the US recently and has been around for hundreds of years. The pot looks like Aladdin’s Lamp and when filled with warm water and sea salt, will irrigate the sinuses. Complete directions are included in the box.

Bump up your vitamin C usage and add the antioxidant Quercetin to your supplement program. Your immune system is overreacting to normally harmless airborne particles, and vitamin C and Quercetin should help relieve some of that response. Quercetin is a natural substance found in some foods like apples and onions. It prevents the release of the inflammatory chemical histamine, as does vitamin C.

The herb Stinging Nettle in the freeze-dried form has been shown to alleviate some of the symptoms of allergies. You may need to take it daily for your entire allergy season.

Newton Homeopathics has a Hay Fever formula that would address most of the symptoms you’re experiencing—including runny and stuffy nose, itching, tearing, sneezing and coughing.

There are no side effects or contraindications with homeopathics. You can also simply match your symptoms with single homeopathic remedies—they are as varied as each person’s individual needs.

Also try to avoid dairy products, as they can promote congestion in the body. Rice milk and ice creams, as well as soy cheese and sour cream are some of the many delicious alternatives.

So Sneezy, have a great summer and I hope these suggestions from this herbal “Doc” will make you happy! And don’t be Bashful to ask the staff at Sunny Bridge for help with natural solutions to your allergies.

— Beaming with Health,