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Ask Sunny

Stocking the First Aid Kit

Dear Sunny,

I’ll be taking the family camping this summer. Can you give me some good ideas on products for our first aid kit?

— Father in Finleyville

Dear Dad,

You must have been a Boy Scout! Being prepared is a good idea when it comes to the little mishaps that can occur in the outdoors.

For help with swelling, bruising and pain, have some Arnica handy—both the topical form and homeopathic pellets. It will increase circulation, washing away blood and damaged skin cells that collect under the skin. Arnica cream should only be used on unbroken skin, however.

Aloe gel helps soothe a painful sun or wind burn, while Calendula cream (which is made from marigolds) is useful for minor scrapes.

Look out for bees and other stinging insects, but if one finds you, take some Apis right away. This should keep the swelling to a minimum. It’s actually made from bee venom and follows the homeopathic theory that “like cures like”. To treat the itching, burning and discomfort, rub on BiteCare gel. This contains echinacea, calendula and ledum. Ledum (wild rosemary) is traditionally used for puncture wounds and in this case would address the punctures made by stingers or bug mouths!

A good general product to have at hand is Skin & Wound Spray. It contains grapefruit seed extract, tea tree and lemon oils. It can be sprayed directly on the skin for most minor skin irritations, cuts and burns.

Hope this helps keep your trip fun. And remember, if you happen to be making chili over the campfire, you can use your cayenne pepper to sprinkle on a minor cut that won’t stop bleeding!

The Sunny Bridge team can help you with these and other suggestions, so pay a visit before you leave.

— Beaming with health,