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Taste for Life

Start a Walking Program

Studies have shown that 15 minutes per day of brisk walking can add up to three years of life expectancy.

“Sometimes the hardest part of working out is getting started,” says Carolyn Hettrich, MD, of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Here are her tips for starting a walking program:

  • Wear shoes that support the arch and elevate the heel slightly.
  • Warm up at a normal pace for five minutes, then boost your speed so your heart beats faster and your lungs breathe deeper.
  • Swing your arms; keep your head up, back straight, and abdomen flat; point your toes straight ahead; take long strides but don’t strain.
  • Cool down by slowing to your warm-up speed for five minutes, then do some gentle stretching. Be sure to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.


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