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Ask Sunny

Something for Everyone at Your Table

Dear Sunny,

Can you offer advice on how to have a Thanksgiving dinner for people with allergies or special diets?

Sunny Says:

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is one of the most special times of year, when families and friends come together to eat, drink, laugh and give thanks for life’s many blessings.

While we all anticipate this reunion and begin planning our special holiday dinner menus, it is important to keep in mind special diets, allergies and conditions that may make your menu planning especially difficult.

How can you adapt your menu to make it delicious and healthy for all?

Turkey substitutions for non-meat eaters are readily available. Options range from Hazelnut Cranberry Roasts to the Tofurky Feast and Giblet Gravy.

Soy and butter-flavored palm oils can easily serve as butter substitutes to flavor those mashed potatoes and spread on top of warm mouth-watering rolls.

Making gravy? For your gluten-free guests, add some gluten-free flour blend and spices to water. Pour into the turkey drippings while stirring constantly over a low flame. Add more water or flour blend until you get the consistency you are looking for.

Pies and cookies can pose other challenges. Need dairy free? Gluten-free? Vegan? And, is it possible to bake without eggs?

“The best gluten-free baked goods are fresh baked goods,” says Gina Snyder, owner of Sunny Bridge Natural Foods and Café in McMurray. “Gluten-free desserts are among our biggest requests this time of year as more people require or are choosing gluten-free lifestyles.”

For all your holiday gatherings it is important to keep in mind those guests that may have special dietary needs. For more information on healthy cooking options, tips, the gluten-free bakery and more, please visit sunnybridgenaturalfoods.com.

Have a healthy sunny day!!