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Some Straight Talk on a KETO / Low Carb Lifestyle

Some Straight Talk on a KETO/Low Carb Lifestyle

Seems like everyone is “doing” Keto these days, and you may be wondering if it might be for you. Good question! So, let’s talk a bit about what is a KETO lifestyle.

First and foremost, let’s clear up one thing. For permanent change DIETS don’t work, except for one, and here it is… The Daily, Intake, of Essential and empowering Thoughts and things (DIET). That is actually the secret to most things in life, though for today, lets focus on Keto.

Keto is a lifestyle that significantly reduces carbohydrate intake (sugar), while providing healthy protein and fats which help turn your body into a fat burning, rather than a sugar burning, machine! When your body starts burning fat (ketones) for fuel, good things begin to happen both inside and outside the body.

As carbohydrates begin to drop, blood sugar begins to stabilize. Many people notice and feel the effect as reduced cravings, increased energy, clearer thinking and weight loss to name a few.

A Keto / Low Carb lifestyle has also been linked to many health benefits, such as lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, along with a significant reduction in inflammation throughout the body. When inflammation is reduced, most people experience less joint pain, clearer skin, better digestion in addition to a total sense of wellbeing!

And if you have been looking to slow down the aging process, removing sugar is one of the best things you will ever do, since sugar ages the body inside and out faster than you can ever imagine! Sugar has been called an anti-nutrient, meaning it actually pulls nutrition away from the body as it competes against pathways that enhance your health!

Did you know that sugar can also hinder your immune system for hours after it is ingested? It’s true! Eating foods that do not serve the body takes away the body’s ability to fight the good fight for you when it comes to viruses and dis-ease. And now, more than ever, you deserve to fight the good fight and honor your wellness!

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to a Keto or Low Carb lifestyle, because we all come with biochemical individuality, so it is important to find what works with you and your body.

Though the one thing we CAN all agree on is this. YOU are worth the healthy vibrant life you truly want to live, so start bringing into your body healthy whole foods. Make protein, healthy fats and low carb veggies the core of your meals and start pushing those sugars to the curb!

Robin Harakal Janis
Certified Life Wellness Coach
Complimentary conversation always available.