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Cross the Bridge to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Robin’s Nest

Shining a light on the wisdom within… the mind changes; the body follows.

Robin Harakal Janis is a Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss mentor and founder of Abundant Life Coaching. Robin’s mission and passion is empowering women to see, reclaim their power and create the life they were meant to live.

Robin is a 2005 graduate of Coach Training Alliance and uses her personal journey and knowledge gained over 32 years in the study of mind, body and spiritual wellness to help women take a breath and break free from the stories that are holding them back from the life they are designed to live.

Robin lives outside of Pittsburgh, facilitates a Women’s Empowerment group and gives Wellness talks in the community.


Simply put, coaching is “Conscious Conversation” that focuses on you. It is a forward-moving process that assists and supports you in creating the life you desire. When you need someone to talk to, it’s good to know you have someone who will listen to your heart and accept you without judgment.  A coach is a trustworthy mentor who believes in you and will work beside you with unwavering support and encouragement while still holding you accountable to the changes you wish to make.

A Coaching relationship focuses on where you are now and where you want to go. This clarifies what is working in your life, what is not, and what you are READY to change.


Coaching is a confidential, convenient process that can be done in person or by phone or email, depending on YOUR needs. We meet on a regular basis, giving you access to support and insight every step of the way as you change the old patterns that no longer serve you into new patterns of discovery and growth.

The choices you make every day are your life, and your life is not a someday thing. It is right now, today, every day. Isn’t it time to make a choice and take a step? To find out if coaching is for you, give me a call or send an email. We will set up a complimentary 30-minute coaching session to better understand how I can assist you on your journey.

Coaching can be done in person, by phone or email.


Robin Harakal Janis CLC,CWLC
Life Wellness Empowerment Coach
Nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit
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Below is a selection of Robin’s introspective articles on consciously creating the life you want.

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  • Inspiration: Thoughts of Gratitude
    While driving to Sunny Bridge this morning, I became acutely aware of the incredible beauty that was all around me. The sun was beaming in a magnificent blue sky, while ...
  • Keto
    Seems like everywhere you turn, someone is talking about a Ketogenic way of life. But what is Keto and could it be right for you? Simply put…a ketogenic lifestyle is ...
  • Five Steps to a Healthy You
    1. Take some time and decide what a healthy lifestyle looks like and means to you. What is healthy and fit to someone else is not a standard you are required ...
  • Weight Loss Your Way
    I recently spoke to a group on the subject of “Weight Loss Your Way.” We talked about MINDFUL eating, INTENTIONAL thinking and the WISDOM of the body. The other day I ...
  • Shine A Little Light
    I took a day off from work today. Before I went to sleep last night, I set my intention to do only things that inspired my growth today. Cleaning the ...
  • Baking The Pie Of Your Life!
    As some of you know, I owned a bakery for 15 years. Sometimes I can still smell the fragrance of Dutch Apple Crumb or Sugar Crusted Peach Pie filling the ...
  • Valentine’s Day
    While “traditionally” for couples, Valentine’s Day is really a day to show the ones you love how much you care. This Valentine s day, why not take the time to ...
  • Mindset
    You will always be exactly what you tell yourself you are. So today, make the distinction for yourself. Get crystal clear about what you want. Stop making excuses for what ...
  • “Busting Loose” From the Games of Weight Loss
    In the past few days, I have received at least 15 articles titled: “Exercise does not help weight loss”. The truth is, THAT IS THE TRUTH… WHY?? Because you can’t out ...
  • Little Things Count (Or: How Two French Fries Weigh Forty Pounds)
    To put on forty pounds over ten years means gaining an average of four pounds per year. 40 pounds divided by 10 years equals 4 pounds per year. Four pounds divided by ...
  • Buy a Bucket and Support The Cure? Give Me a Break!!
    Yes, I will say it again; buying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to support the “Cure for Cancer” is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in ...
  • Sugar… It Does A Body—Not So Good
    Ahhhh, sugar… that seductive substance we crave. Unless you have been living in a cave, it is no secret that sugar is addicting and a major obstacle for people trying ...