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Protect Your Skin This Summer!

Our skin is the first line of defense our bodies have to protect us from toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

Every season has its challenges when it comes to keeping skin healthy and working optimally. The summer sun, bug bites, poison ivy all threats that are preventable with a little planning.

Here are 5 things you can manage to keep your skin in top condition and doing its job right.

  1. Sun Exposure
    The best sunscreen is staying in the shade! Wearing hats and long sleeves is the best protection for your skin. When you are going to have sun exposure, the best way to go is choosing an SPF 15 or higher and applying every 2 hours. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide are the only “natural” ingredients approved by the FDA for sunscreen. Read More on VeryWell Health
  2. Bug Repellent
    There are many choices for natural bug repellents these days. Most often, essential oils like Lemon, Lavender, Citronella, and Geranium are used with a mixture of moisturizing agents. For easing bug bites try dabbing apple cider vinegar to treat the irritation. Read about the Top 10 Essential Oils for Repelling Bugs on Healthline.com
  3. Poison Ivy Rash
    The best treatment is avoidance! But if you are sensitive to the plant oil and manage to get caught immediately wash your hands and clothes with soap and water. Use natural products that contain ingredients like Jewel Weed or Witch Hazel to minimize the irritation. Drying agents like Bentonite Clay or Colloidal Oatmeal help ease the ooze. Read more on DrAxe.com
  4. Hydration
    Being active in hot weather can dehydrate us quickly. Be proactive about staying hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. One rule of thumb is the “8×8 Rule.” Drink 8 oz of water 8 times a day. If you’re planning on being active, use this hydration calculator to get a good idea of how much you’ll need: CamelBak Hydration Calculator
  5. Food & Supplements
    According to WebMD.com eating fatty fish, dark leafy greens, eggs, flaxseed, avacado’s, legunes, and Extra Virgin Olive oil all help maintain a healthy glow. Read the entire article that breaks down key nutrients that are important for skin health: Nutrients for Healthy Skin