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Ion Cleanse

By Charlotte Dillant

In order to prevent disease and restore the body back to a vibrant state of health, we must begin by detoxifying on the cellular level. One example is the Ion Cleanse, which is a total body detoxification process which provides a unique method for eliminating impurities from the body.

Toxins and pollutants are everywhere, getting into our cells causing immune dysfunction, sickness and disease. With toxins in the cells there is no space for food and supplemental nutrition or herbal and homeopathic remedies to get into the cells to rebuild and repair the body. Good health always begins on the cellular level first. The Ion Cleanse detoxifies the organs, glands, arteries, nerves, muscles, joints and all tissues.

Ion Cleanse treatments pull toxins out in a non-invasive, relaxing, no-brainer way, by generating a mix of positive and negative ions, which attach themselves to oppositely-charged impurities and eliminate them through the pores of the feet by the process of osmosis. It detoxes the whole body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols with no stress to the patient.

Treatments can pull out the following toxins: heavy metals, yeast, parasites, partially-oxidized fats, cholesterol deposits, uric acid, lactic acid, plaque, blood clotting debris, chemicals from the air, food and water supply, mucus, debris from the liver, kidney and lymphatic system, excessive bile, tars from the environment, smoking and second-hand smoke.

Treatments greatly benefit individuals dealing with: yeast overgrowth (candida), edema, pain, inflammation, gout, arthritis (all types), heavy metal or chemical toxicity, fatigue, allergies, acidic PH issues, severe stress, accident recovery, lactic acid build-up (mostly athletes), ADD/ADHD, autism, and individuals desiring to slow the aging process.

To book an Ion Cleanse appointment or get more information, call:
Charlotte Dillant, Licensed and Certified Nutritionist and Healthcare Practitioner 412-833-8852