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Robin's Nest

Inspiration: Thoughts of Gratitude

While driving to Sunny Bridge this morning, I became acutely aware of the incredible beauty that was all around me. The sun was beaming in a magnificent blue sky, while shining its light through changing colors of autumn leaves in a way that filled my heart with incredible joy and gratitude to be able to simply witness to this day…

It only takes seven minutes for me to get to Sunny Bridge, yet those seven minutes set the tone for my entire day. Gratitude.

As we step into November with Thanksgiving around the corner, I would like to encourage you to begin each day with an attitude of gratitude. Be present with your family, friends and surroundings as you look for the little things that simply fill your heart. Gratitude.

We are so grateful and thankful for each and every one of our wonderful customers. You are part of our family and we appreciate and care about you more than words can express.

Please stop by the Sunny Bridge “Gratitude Jar” located in front of the store and share what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving!!

~Robin Janis, Health Coach and Wellness Specialist