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Immune Season is Back

Immune Season is Back

By Lori McElroy, Consulting Herbalist/REALTOR®

In a typical year, August/September is known for 2 things: back to school and the start of cold/flu season. With the uncertainty this fall as we try to resume normal routine, it is a good idea to support your immune system. Here are some excellent products that may help.

Herb Pharm’s Daily Immune Builder is a blend of Astragalus, Echinacea and Reishi with other support herbs to help prime your system before an immune challenge occurs. Another great product that may help with prevention is Oxylent. Not only is this a keto-friendly, electrolyte replenishing, effervescent multi-vitamin, but it has some of the key ingredients that help support immune health: Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Zinc. It is available in cannister or packet and in three delicious flavors. One packet per day is all you need.

One other very important product that can be taken to prime your immune system is mushrooms. Mushroom Science has a variety of mushrooms including Reishi, Coriolus and Lion’s Mane as well as a blend called Immune Builder. This particular company is research backed and hot water extracted unlike many other mushroom products. Mushrooms contain beta-glucans which has been proven to help prime the immune system to be ready for an invader, but not over stimulate it.

Any of these products can help you BEFORE an immune challenge may happen. Taken a minimum of 30 days prior to the cold/flu season and through out the season, these products may help your immune system despite the unpredictable circumstances.