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Ask Sunny

Getting a Flu Shot

Dear Sunny,

Do you recommend getting a flu shot? If not, what can I do to help prevent getting sick during the flu season?

— Flo in Floreffe

Dear Flo,

I don’t favor the flu shot for fending off the flu. Fact is that the fascination with the flu vaccine is largely based on fiction, fear and fat funds for the pharmaceutical companies. I’d grade it a flat-out F!

Findings support these minimal benefits:

  • for those over 65 and living in a nursing home, the vaccine rated fair at protecting against flu complications such as pneumonia.
  • healthy young adults got some protection ONLY IF the formula given matched the strain exactly. The viruses can mutate after the serum is produced and often the ‘bug’ of the season is a wrong guess. So it’s a shot in the dark as the saying goes!

Few trials have been conducted on the safety of the flu shot. Also, side effects are possible, not to mention the fillers used which may contain many unsafe ingredients.

For better protection, I’d suggest a Vitamin D supplement as your first line of defense. It activates genes that boost production of antimicrobial peptides which destroy viruses. Researchers have concluded that outbreaks of influenza in the winter are associated with low Vitamin D levels due to less exposure to the sun. Get your D levels tested and increase your Vitamin D-3 intake to 2,000 IU per day if needed.

Fish oil is an old-fashioned form of flu prevention. Cod liver oil (which contains Vitamin D) is a good way to get the protective benefits of fish oil. This is a family-friendly supplement which lowers the risk of respiratory infections. Carlson and Nordic Naturals are some well-respected brands.

For facts about many other flu fighters, see your Sunny Bridge supplement specialists.

Flo, I hope you have a flu-free future.

— Beaming with Health,