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Healthy Tools and Tips

Focus on Men’s Health

Father’s Day is June 16 and we are excited about getting into the summer grilling season and getting some fresh air.  With our focus this month on Men’s Health, we have made a list of our favorite must haves for the King of the Grill in your life!

1. Grilling is not just for burgers & dogs!
Add some fruit & veggie skewers on the grill at the same time you grill the main course to add flavor, color, and variety to the meal. Pineapple is a go-to pairing because it contains Bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that digest protein, making your tummy happier after a nice big meal.

2. Choose Uncured over Cured Meats.
Cured meats have nitrates and uncured meats are preserved with natural salts and flavorings. Choose uncured meats to enjoy a lower sodium but still delicious meal without the water retention and swelling afterwards! There are a variety of uncured meats available like applewood smoked sausages, bacon, ham and hot dogs.

3. Buy Fresh, Buy Local.
Buying from local farms, like Logan Family Farms Kananga, and Swiss Villa, makes sense to get the highest quality ingredients with the most flavor and freshest nutrients. When you really want a good burger or produce, buy local!

4. Use Companion Herbs. 
Grilling uses a lot of heat and some herbs can’t stand up to the pressure. Herbs with hardier stems and lots of flavor are better to use when cooking with high heat. Try Rosemary and Thyme if you’re using very high heat. Basil and Cilantro are great to add a few minutes before the food is taken off the heat.

5. Splurge a little!
There are lots of cool things for the grill that help keep interest in cooking outdoors over the summer. From a Himalayan Salt Grill Block to a Mini Digital Grill Thermometer with companion phone app – the sky’s the limit!