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Cross the Bridge to a Healthier Lifestyle.

Robin's Nest

Five Steps to a Healthy You

1. Take some time and decide what a healthy lifestyle looks like and means to you.

What is healthy and fit to someone else is not a standard you are required to follow. The biggest key to being healthy and staying fit is realizing YOUR definition of health and wellness, what you would like to change and what you are willing and and ready to do to create the changes you seek.

2. Keep Food Real.

There is a lot of “information overload” in the field of nutrition for the body, and again, what works best for one person may not work the best for you. But what works best for everyone is to eat real, unprocessed Organic food whenever possible while reducing refined carbohydrates. There is a difference between real food…and “food stuff”. Remember to read those labels. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you cannot pronounce an ingredient in your food, your body will have a hard time digesting and utilizing it.

And make this the year to kick the Sugar. Sugar is an “anti-nutrient” that breaks down the body’s immune defenses making it the main source of disease. Your body is designed to grow healthy new cells that keep you healthy. Sugar prevents the body from doing its job.

You are real… and the food you eat will either take you to the health you are looking for or take you away from it. Choose health. You are so worth it!!

3. Move your body every day.

Exercise has been proven to provide many health benefits, including cardiovascular health, decreasing anxiety and depression, building bone density and even creating new brain cells.

The best type of exercise for you is the one you will fit into your life and do consistently. Yoga, Tai Chi, Weight Lifting, Running, Cross Fit, Pilates, there is so much to choose from! If you are new to exercise… walk! Commit to taking a walk every day to get your body going. Walking is one of the best ways to feel and look better. Walking with a friend or your dog will benefit your health every day.

4. Drink Water.

Did you know that some parts of your body are over 70% water? Pretty astounding isn’t it? Water is necessary for your body and mind to function at its highest level. Drinking pure water helps your body flush out toxins, moisturize the skin and your complexion, helps to reduce your appetite and raise your metabolism, helps to stop leg cramps, lubricates your joints, reduces the frequency of headaches and so much more. So drink up! “It does a body good”.

5. Make yourself a priority.

Every day clients tell me there is no time in the day to take care of themselves. Between work, family and obligations, they just can’t find the time. Well the truth is, no one can “find the time”. You have to decide to make the time. You have to decide that you are important enough to fit YOU into YOUR calendar. And by the way… You are!

Taking care of yourself is the best gift you will ever give to your family and your life. If you do not take care of you, how can you take care of others to the best of your ability? You cannot pour out of an empty pitcher, so take some time for you every day. Take time to breathe. Set your phone alarm to remind you to take 5 deep breaths a few times a day. Give yourself permission to say NO to some things that are draining your life force and say yes to you. Your body, is the only vehicle you will ever have to take you through the life you want. Take the time to honor it and you will be amazed at the results.