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Consider the Back-to-School Diet for Students

Putting lots of colors in the lunchbox will help in designing more healthy meals

As previously printed in Washington Life Magazine on August 2013.

Our kids have spent the past three months swimming, playing outside and staying up late but August marks the month when it’s time to start thinking about Back to School. Whether you have a first grader or a senior this year, nutritious and filling lunches are vital to their learning capacities.

Many kids are picky eaters but it’s still important to try to include all food groups while packing their lunches. A good place to start is to incorporate as many colors as possible. Fruits, veggies and whole grains make for a colorful meal with all the right nutrients.

Besides packing a sandwich on whole grain bread, baby carrots, yogurt, crackers, cheese, cucumber slices, raisins and grapes are all foods most kids like that can be easily packed into a lunch box. Although some juices can be healthy, most are filled with sugars. Try to get your kids to drink water instead.

It seems as though as soon as school is back in session, the colds and viruses start their circulation. Here are some helpful back to school health tips to stay ahead of the germs:

  • Multivitamins & minerals— ensures our children are getting all the nutrients they’re missing from their food
  • Probiotics— promotes healthy digestion and immunity

You may also want to consider giving supplements to enhance brainpower, focus and immunity. Below are some safe options for kids of all ages:

  • Fish oils— supports attention and focus
  • Vitamin B— provides energy, clarity, focus, anxiety and nervous function
  • Calm Child (in liquid and capsule forms)— relieves anxiety especially for taking tests

Never underestimate the power of eating plenty of greens. Green vegetables aid in detoxing and increasing energy. They also alkalize the body preventing germs and disease.

Let’s not forget about our athletes! For kids involved in sports, plenty of protein is a must. Protein bars and smoothies provide quick, easy and delicious ways to get the necessary protein for optimum athletic performance and endurance. After a high-intensity game or long practice, consider giving your child coconut water or Emergen-C to replace electrolytes lost during their activity.

Keep in mind that each child has different and specific needs based on their activity, allergies and preferences. Enjoy the school year and use the tips above to inspire your student to do their very best in their athletic and academic school year to come.