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Robin's Nest

“Busting Loose” From the Games of Weight Loss

In the past few days, I have received at least 15 articles titled: “Exercise does not help weight loss”.

The truth is, THAT IS THE TRUTH… WHY??
Because you can’t out exercise a bad diet guys!…

If you are exercising simply to burn excess calories, you have missed the entire point of exercise, of wellness, and your life force. Exercise is part of a healthy mindset. It is part of the realization that your body is meant to move… your heart( which is a muscle) wants you to work it, so it feels its best. Your muscles want to be toned because that is the natural state of a healthy muscle. The amount and type of exercise does not matter as much as the FACT “That you do it.”

Moving your body in the way that works For you ( exercise) needs to become as natural to you as brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth to keep them in their natural healthy state. You exercise to keep your body in its’ natural healthy state, you eat foods that nourish you to keep your body in its natural healthy state, you schedule regular chiropractic adjustments to keep your body in its natural healthy state, you take time to be still and breathe, meditate and or connect to God every day to keep you in your natural healthy whole state of wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Can you hear me now!!??

The MIND changes……… The Body follows

Visualize what you want…
Now let’s go get it!