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Blueberries are a Great Source of Antioxidants

Work this healthy fruit into your diet as July is National Blueberry Month

As previously printed in Washington Life Magazine on July 2013.

July—it’s the month to take all your parties, celebrations and events outdoors. It’s also National Blueberry Month! Blueberries can be used in many summer picnic foods such as pies, fruit salads and pastries.

Blueberries are the power fruit that keep you energized for those long summer nights and help you fight off disease by promoting a healthy immune system. Anthocyanin, the bioflavoniod giving the blueberry its blue color, is a rich source of antioxidants. In addition to other phytonutrients, blueberries contain more powerful health benefits than a glass of wine—and less calories! Blueberries are considered a “super food” because of these high levels of antioxidants containing antibacterial and antiviral properties.

It’s easy to get a healthy dose of blueberries each day due to their versatile uses. Mix a few into your favorite cereal, blend the berries into a filling smoothie, bake them into a pie, stir them into pancake or muffin mix or just grab a handful for a healthy sweet, yet low glycemic, snack.

Food always tastes best when you’re eating and buying in season. This is especially true for blueberries which are best in Pennsylvania in July and August. When picking blueberries, go for medium to larger sized berries that are deep in color; they will most likely be the sweetest of the bunch.

If you’re still not convinced to get to the store for fresh blueberries, consider the following facts which further explain just how beneficial and useful they can be to your overall health and wellness:

  • Rich in Vitamins A, C, E and B complex
  • Low in calories, carbohydrates and fat
  • Vitamins, minerals and lutein contained in blueberries help with age related vision problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy
  • Contain fiber and minerals (potassium) which support a healthy heart
  • Low glycemic index
  • Promotes brain support by improving short term memory
  • May prevent UTI’s (urinary tract infections)
  • One of the oldest known plants native to North American traced back 13,000 years
  • Blueberries silvery sheen is a natural coating which protects them from the harsh rays of the sun
  • Native Americans used blueberries for medicinal purposes, combined them with meat creating a nutritious dried jerky and as a natural fabric dye

So while enjoying the beautiful warm upcoming season, why not also enjoy a handful of these delicious natural fruits. It’s no wonder blueberries are considered the anti-aging super berry!