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Benefits Of Using New Wave Shower Filter System


When doing any sort of probiotic program, it’s essential to reduce your exposure to chlorine. Chlorine does an important job as it kills the bacteria in our drinking water making it safe but it will also kill the bacteria in your body. Showering everyday in chlorinated water exposes your body to large quantities of chlorine. Chlorine gas when breathed into the lungs goes right into your blood stream, just like oxygen gas, it’s also transdermal and will enter your body through the skin. Even if you are not on a probiotic program a shower filter will help protect your existing intestinal flora.


Chlorine strips your skin of oils and throws off the PH of your skin. Using a shower filter will allow your body to use its resources to improve your skin everyday instead of repairing the damage caused by the chlorine. Conditions like psoriasis and eczema are not cured by using a shower filter but the symptoms can be partially alleviated by reducing your chlorine exposure.


Much like skin it is damaged everyday you shower in chlorinated water. Using the New Wave shower filter will help you avoid this damage, allowing your hair to better receive the benefits of shampoos and conditioners. It will also allow hair color to last much, much longer.


Chlorine gas will cause asthma and allergy symptoms to be much worse than they need to be. Using a shower filter alleviates irritation to lungs and nasal passages.

Information courtesy of Enviro Products by New Wave. For more information call them at 800-592-8371 or visit their web site www.newwaveenviro.com

The Spa Experience Shower Filter Protect your skin and hair from harsh chlorine.