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Dear Sunny

  • How Can CBD Help You?
    Our bodies are amazing! They contain an endocannabinoid system whose main function is homeostasis helping our many body systems adapt and maintain stability to keep us healthy.
  • Health Benefits of Eating Pumpkins
    I keep hearing about how healthy pumpkins are. What are the health benefits of eating pumpkins?
  • Using Honey to Combat Allergies
    How can honey, specifically local honey, help combat allergies?
  • Keeping the Spring Stomach Bug Away
    The spring stomach bug and other viruses seem to be all around me. What are some ways to keep myself from its attack!?
  • Something for Everyone at Your Table
    Can you offer advice on how to have a Thanksgiving dinner for people with allergies or special diets?
  • Health Benefits of Pumpkins
    What are the health benefits of pumpkins?
  • Natural Ways to Keep Family Healthy
    What are some natural ways to keep my family healthy this winter?
  • What To Do About Toe Nail Fungus
    What can I do for toe nail fungus? I’m afraid to take the prescribed medications and I’d like to get into my sandals this summer.
  • Stocking the First Aid Kit
    I’ll be taking the family camping this summer. Can you give me some good ideas on products for our first aid kit?
  • Suffering from Summer Allergies
    Nice weather is here and I love to go outside for cookouts and picnics, but I suffer from allergies all summer long and can’t enjoy it! Help! What can I do to stop the runny nose, watering eyes and congestion?
  • Getting a Flu Shot
    Do you recommend getting a flu shot? If not, what can I do to help prevent getting sick during the flu season?
  • Tips to Combat Holiday Overindulgence
    Seems I always overindulge during the holidays. Any tips to combat the excesses of food and drink on my digestive system?
  • Deciding on a Weight Loss Plan
    With all of the options out there—low-carb, low-fat, fat-burning—how do I decide which weight loss plan is best for me?
  • Tips for Pregnancy and Delivery
    Can you give me a few tips that can help my pregnancy and delivery go as smoothly as possible?
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
    I have difficulty getting through the Winter. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Can you help with any suggestions? I don’t want to take and anti-depressant.
  • How Healthy is Stevia?
    I was wondering how healthy Stevia is? I’ve been finding it in more of my drinks, even in my orange juice. Is it healthy? Does it cause cancer?
  • Healthy Advice for Cholesterol
    My cholesterol is up and I’m hoping you can give me some good, healthy advice to help with this. I don’t want to go on statin drugs.
  • Help the Environment
    Any advice as a natural health advocate for something we can all do to help the environment?
  • Supplements for the Kids
    It’s back to school time and I was hoping you could give a suggestion for supplements for the kids. Maybe something to help them do better in class? Are there such things?

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