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Our supplement section is comprehensive and ready to provide support to any ailment or condition.  We carry a wide assortment of vitamins, minerals, herbals and homeopathic remedies.  Ask our knowledgeable staff to help you select the supplement that will best suit your needs.

Body and Skin Care
With all of the chemicals in body care products these days, it’s great to know that Sunny Bridge will always be here with cleaner options.  Our body and skin care products are natural, paraben and sulfate free alternatives to all of your favorite hygiene products.  For you do-it-yourselfers we have essential oils, carriers and other bulk skin care ingredients to create customized healing mixtures at home.  Give your health an overhaul in all areas of life!

All of the products on our shelves go through a rigorous examination of the Nutrition Facts label before they become available.  We care about providing our customers with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to support, encourage and enable a healthy lifestyle.

Our bulk bins are stocked with flours, dried fruit and nuts, spices and other cooking essentials.  We also offer a varied selection of granola, pasta, rice, beans and assorted trail mixes. 

Special Diets
At Sunny Bridge you’ll find one of the largest gluten-free and special diet selections anywhere in the Pittsburgh area.  We offer dairy free, soy free, nut free, egg free and other alternatives for basically every common allergen.  Trying out a new recipe and don’t know which flour blend to use?  We feature popular gluten-free flour blends and other cooking and baking essentials in our dedicated gluten-free bulk bins.

Our produce department is stocked full of delicious organic fruits and vegetables.  Organic food tastes great, reduces health risks, helps farmers work in harmony with nature and is beneficial to the planet as a whole.  We proudly support local and organically grown foods!